Music and the Gospel: “Rise Up,” Andra day

A blind beggar shouts out his faith Jesus can give him sight.  This week’s SPIRIT explores a football player handles a bullet putting him in a wheelchair. Hard things at school, at work, or at home can put most of us in a funk of hopelessness but not Bobbie Brown, who finds new ways to  move forward, take part, and inspire others. Andra Day’s song “Rise Up” is about recognizing that we are all brothers and sisters, and that we are all in this world together. Rising up can be as simple as forgiving someone who has hurt us, keeping faith when we wonder why life is so hard, or pushing for positive change when we notice injustice.
Lyrics: And I’ll rise up / I’ll rise like the day / I’ll rise up / I’ll rise unafraid / I’ll rise up / And I’ll do it a thousand times again / And I’ll rise up / High like the waves / I’ll rise up / In spite of the ache / I’ll rise up / And I’ll do it a thousand times again / For you

Questions: Think about a time when you experienced a challenging/traumatic event. What feelings did this event evoke?  How did faith help you contend with what happened and find resilience in this difficult time? What are some ways you can share your experience and spread what you learned?


Music and the Gospel: “Rise Up,” Andra Day

Dr. Martin Luther King wrote that “…any law that degrades human personality is unjust.” The news constantly confronts us with oppression based on race, gender, beliefs in our society and world. It’s important to recognize oppression and to initiate peaceful changes that ensure that everyone has equal rights to resources and education. Andra Day’s song “Rise Up” is about overcoming obstacles and oppression and finding strength in standing together to make the world a better place.

Key Lines: You’re broken down and tired / Of living life on a merry go round / And you can’t find the fighter / But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out / And move mountains / We gonna walk it out / And move mountains

Questions: What are some examples of oppression you have seen in your school and community? What about in our country and our world? How can you help combat that oppression in a peaceful way? When have you felt oppressed? Were you able to bridge the gap between you and your oppressors? How?