Music and the Gospel: “something in the Water,” Carrie Underwood, Easter/2nd Sunday of Easter

Easter is where Christian faith begins. It celebrates Jesus’ resurrection. The Church often baptizes new believers at Easter time. SPIRIT is about a young woman who wakes up to what she believes at a baptism. For some people, believing is as natural as breathing; others journey through doubting and questioning. They may find people in their lives whose faith opens their hearts and minds to the teachings of Jesus. The song “Something in the Water” is about opening ourselves up to the possibilities that come with faith and embracing a wider community that encourages and sustains us.

Key Lines: There must be something in the water / Oh, there must be something in the water / And now I’m singing along to amazing grace / Can’t nobody wipe this smile off my face / Got joy in my heart, angels on my side / Thank God almighty, I saw the light / Gonna look ahead, no turning back / Live everyday, give it all that I have / Trust in someone bigger than me / Ever since the day that I believed

Questions: Where are you on your faith journey? How do you describe yourself as a believer? How do examples of faith in other people inspire you? Who has influenced your believing? What baptisms have you witnessed? What does baptism mean to you?

Music and the Gospel: “Love Wins,” Carrie Underwood, 2nd Sunday of Advent

In 2006, a small, one-room schoolhouse was the center of a major tragedy. A lone gunman entered the school and killed five students, injured five more, and forever changed the lives of many others. Tragedies such as this happen too often. What is sometimes surprising are the number of voices that call out for compassion, empathy, and even forgiveness towards those who have hurt us, our family, and our community. Carrie Underwood’s song “Love Wins” is not just about reaching out to our friends, family, neighbors, but also those who are different from us and even those who have hurt us. We don’t know what another person is going through, but only by approaching each other in the spirit of love and forgiveness can we begin to heal our hearts and community.

Key Lyrics: I, I believe you and me are sisters and brothers / And I, I believe we’re made to be here for each other / And we’ll never fall if we walk hand in hand / Put a world that seems broken together again / Yeah I, I believe in the end love wins

Questions: What have you found difficult to forgive? Were you able to let go of the hurt or grudge? How? Are some actions unforgivable? What examples of forgiveness do you see around you? How have you been forgiven? 

Music and the Gospel: “See You Again,” Carrie Underwood; All Souls day

All Souls Day is a time to remember and pray for our lost loved ones. As followers of Jesus, we each bring God’s love to life in our own ways. In our Church we live in communion with all who walked this earth and showed Jesus’ teaching to others through their lives. We can keep the spirit of those we have lost alive by learning from their lives. Remembering how they lived the gospel and incorporating these actions into our own lives allows us to spread their love throughout our communities.

Key lines: “But I won’t cry / Cause I know I’ll never be lonely / For you are the stars to me / You are the light I follow.”

Questions: Call to mind a person you have lost or a saint that you identify with. What do you admire about the person? What made him or her special? How can you keep this person’s spirit alive in your daily life?

Current Music and the Gospel: “Good Girl,” Carrie Underwood

Gospel Reflection for February 17, 1st Sunday of Lent: Carrie Underwood’s song “Good Girl” is about how tempting even a bad relationship can be. In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus faces his own temptations at the hands of the devil. The temptations we face are different for each person, but the resolve to remain strong is something we all can ask Jesus to help us with.

Key Lines: His lips are dripping honey/But he’ll sting you like a bee/So lock up all your love and/Go and throw away the key/Hey good girl/Get out while you can/I know you think you got a good man

Questions: Why do things that are not good for us attract us? What is tempting about a relationship you know is no good? Are the things that tempt you always bad? How are temptations like lies? If you were in Jesus’ place in this Sunday’s gospel, what do you think the devil would show you to tempt you? What helps you say no to things that are wrong or not good for you?