Music and The Gospel: “Something Just Like This,” The Chainsmokers, ft. Coldplay, 1st Sunday of Lent

School, work, extra curricular activities—all come with expectations: that we get good grades, do a good job, and perform at the top of our game. But what do we do when the pressure builds up and challenges the expectations we have of ourselves? Something Just Like This reminds us that we don’t have to be superheroes to make ourselves and others happy.

Key Lines: She said, where’d you wanna go? / How much you wanna risk? / I’m not looking for somebody / With some superhuman gifts / Some superhero / Some fairytale bliss / Just something I can turn to / Somebody I can miss

Questions: What expectations do you have of yourself? What expectations do others have of you? When have you felt pressure to meet these expectations? How do you handle this? How do you define happiness?

Music and the Gospel: “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay; Baptism of the Lord

Few Catholics remember their Baptisms because our parents had us baptized as babies. Jesus’ baptism gives us time to think about what being baptized means. In the song “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay sings out lyrics that express the change Baptism awakens in those who choose consciously to follow Jesus and his teachings. Where will opening our lives to God, to faith in Jesus, to being part of the community that continues his mission in the world take us? We open ourselves to the adventure of a lifetime.

Key Lyrics: I feel my heart beating / Cause you make me feel / Like I’m alive again / Alive again

Questions: What does your baptism mean to you? What is a way you live out your faith in Jesus? What do you appreciate about being a part of the worldwide community of Christians? What Church group do you like to participate in? Why?

“Paradise,” SPIRIT Xtra for April 1, 2012

“Paradise,” Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto, EMI Records Limited

Gospel Reflection: On this Sunday, we remember the suffering and death of Jesus. As we reflect on his suffering, we also call to mind the suffering we see in the world around us. “Paradise” by Coldplay reminds us of the suffering of those who have no safe place to turn to.

Key Lines: When she was just a girl/She expected the world/But it flew away from her reach/And the bullets catch in her teeth/Life goes on, it gets so heavy/The wheel breaks the butterfly/Every tear a waterfall/In the night the stormy night she’ll close her eyes/In the night the stormy night away she’d fly

Questions: Where do you see suffering in your Church or community? How do you show God’s love to someone who is suffering? When does loving someone cause suffering? How do you think God feels about suffering in the world? What do you think Jesus’ suffering teaches us?

Fix You

Key Lines: And the tears come streaming down your face/When you lose something you can’t replace/When you love someone but it goes to waste/Could it be worse?/Lights will guide you home/QAnd ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you

Questions: What does Jesus as good shepherd mean to you? Think of a time when you have felt really down. What did friends or family do that was comforting to you?  What can we learn from these people in our lives about how to treat others?

Adapted from SPIRIT Xtra 2009-2010 by Anna Zaros