Music and the Gospel: “We Got The Power,” Gorillaz, 2nd Sunday of Easter

Jesus calls forth their best selves in his disciples and sends his friends forth to spread the good news of his resurrection. Thomas touches the risen Jesus’ wounds and believes. SPIRIT extends the call that echoes down the centuries to continue Jesus’ mission, to go forth, and help our neighbors during times of need and crises. The song “We Got the Power” is an anthem about loving each other and working together towards a better future.

Key lines: We got the power to be loving each other / No matter what happens / We’ve got the power to do that / On a le pouvoir de s’aimer, okay? / We got the power to be ringing the great bell out there above us / We got the power for that / We got the power to do that

Questions: When have you experienced a community in crisis from tragedy or disasters? What did people need? What ways did you find to help people? When have you seen a community stand together? What initiatives would you like to start or volunteer for within your community?


Music and the Gospel: “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay; Baptism of the Lord

Few Catholics remember their Baptisms because our parents had us baptized as babies. Jesus’ baptism gives us time to think about what being baptized means. In the song “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Coldplay sings out lyrics that express the change Baptism awakens in those who choose consciously to follow Jesus and his teachings. Where will opening our lives to God, to faith in Jesus, to being part of the community that continues his mission in the world take us? We open ourselves to the adventure of a lifetime.

Key Lyrics: I feel my heart beating / Cause you make me feel / Like I’m alive again / Alive again

Questions: What does your baptism mean to you? What is a way you live out your faith in Jesus? What do you appreciate about being a part of the worldwide community of Christians? What Church group do you like to participate in? Why?

Current Music and the Gospel: “Home,” Phillip Phillips

Gospel Reflection for April 21, 4th Sunday of Easter: Jesus refers to himself as a shepherd in Sunday’s gospel, describing his loving care for his followers. Jesus’ promise is that his love and protection will reach even beyond death. “Home” is about how love like Jesus’ can help us feel safe and protected, even when facing what we fear.

Key Lines: Settle down, it’ll all be clear/Don’t pay no mind to the demons/They fill you with fear/The trouble it might drag you down/If you get lost, you can always be found/Just know you’re not alone/’Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Questions: What does “home” mean to you? What makes you feel safe? Who in your community is not safe? What needs to be done to help them? Where do you hear Jesus’ voice in your life? Does following Jesus give you a sense of safety? Why or why not?