Music and the Gospel: “Howlin’ Wind,” VACAY

When someone we love is going through a tough time, we can easily make excuses and ignore issues. We don’t want to anger or hurt a friend. But an alcoholic parent or a bully can push us into action. At these times it’s best to take a page out of Jesus’ book, address issues honestly and openly, and take our stance. Standing firm can be hard. The song “Howlin’ Wind” reminds us to listen to that quiet voice inside and let it guide us down the right path.

Key lines: You call my name / Speaking peace to my fear / Watch you calm the storm with one whisper in my ear / ‘Cause in my own strength / My roots went dry / Broken branches got tossed at night / I gave in to the howlin’ wind / So I let you in / You’ll still the howlin’ wind

Questions: When have you had to stand your ground? What made it easy? What made it difficult? When is it important to take a stand? Who speaks the truth in
your school or community?