Current Music and the Gospel: “I Will Wait,” Mumford and Sons

Gospel Reflection for February 24, 2nd Sunday of Lent: When Jesus’ friends follow him up the mountain to pray, they are able to see his true self. By spending time with Jesus in prayer, we too can get to know who Jesus truly is. Even though life can be very busy, this time spent with Jesus can help us to know ourselves better.

Key Lines: So I’ll be bold/As well as strong/And use my head alongside my heart/So tame my flesh/And fix my eyes/That tethered mind free from the lies/But I’ll kneel down/Wait for now/I’ll kneel down/Know my ground

Questions: Why do you think Jesus chose his friends Peter, James, and John to reveal his true nature to? Who are the people you can share your true self with? When do you feel close to God? How does prayer help us reveal ourselves to God? When is it difficult to pray?