Music and the Gospel: “One Of Us,” New Politics, 28th Sunday Ordinary Time

Immigration is a fiery topic today. Some people welcome immigrants; some resist others different from them. This week’s SPIRIT explores how accepting new people and cultures can benefit our communities and schools and expand our relationships with those around us. The song “One of Us” is about celebrating our differences and accepting people into our homes, communities, and lives.

Key lines: Everybody needs a place to call their home / Everybody’s skin is different, not their bones / Even when you’re lonely, know you’re not alone / You’re one of us, one of us, one of us / One of us / Bring the sunshine in / The happy days / The hardship, too / We’ll find a way / So raise your flag / One last time / Before the day is through, I promise you / That we will laugh about it all / And we’ll celebrate the things we’ve done for years to come / ‘Cause that’s what friends, that’s what friends are for

Questions: What challenges do you think immigrants face in new places? What challenges have you faced if you are an immigrant? What do you think helps ease these challenges? What have you learned from people of different cultures? Who do you notice being excluded in your community?

Music and the Gospel: “Oasis,” A Great Big World

The Syrian refugee crisis and migrant stories at our own borders have pushed immigration issues into our news and politics. Poverty, displacement, and lack of opportunity push people to seek better ways to provide for themselves and their families. Refugees and immigrants are often isolated for long periods of time from the people they love. They live in places where they may not know the laws, culture, or language. They make these sacrifices in the hope of a better future for themselves and the ones they love. They are working to find the paradise where they can live in safety, comfort, and with dignity.

Key Lyrics: When we’re lost in a desert at night / And we’re chasing our paradise / When we can’t fight another fight / We’re gonna make it / You’re my oasis

Questions: Visit the to learn more about the refugee crisis facing the world. How can you reach out to new students or neighbors different from you? How can you get involved and help shoulder some of the humanitarian concerns? Whose voices are not heard in your school or community? How can you ensure that your neighbors’ voices are heard?