Music and the Gospel: “Compass” and the 3rd Sunday of Easter

When the risen Jesus appears to his friends on the road, they don’t recognize him immediately. However, they say their “hearts were on fire” when they talked with him and recognized him when they shared a meal. Similarly, when we feel moved to act out of compassion or justice, or we know in our hearts what choice we should make, Jesus is present with us—even if we don’t recognize it.

Key Lines: You wanna give up ‘cause it’s dark / We’re really not that far apart / So let your heart, sweet heart / Be your compass when you’re lost / And you should follow it wherever it may go

Questions: Who is a compass for you? What motivates you to act for justice? How have you developed these values? What is an example of following your heart or a cause you are fired up about? How does Jesus show us he is still alive today?

I Run To You

Key Lines: I run my life/Or is it running me/Run from my past/I run too fast/Or too slow it seems/When lies become the truth/That’s when I run to you/This world keeps spinning faster/Into a new disaster so I run to you/I run to you baby/And when it all starts coming undone/Baby you’re the only one I run to/I run to you

Questions: Who do you turn to in both good times and bad? How has God responded to your needs in times of sorrow and of joy? How have you expressed gratitude for God’s help, love, and compassion? Are you a person others turn to when they are in need? What examples does Jesus give us about how to be there for others?

Adapted from SPIRIT Xtra 2010-2011 by Anna Zaros