Music and the Gospel: “Hands of Man,” Django Django; 1st Sunday of Lent

Lent is a time to reflect on our lives — what habits do I have, how am I acting within my relationships, and where am I spending my time? Then we ask, are these habits, relationships and use of time putting me in closer relationship with my dear neighbors and with God, or are they pulling me away? Throughout our lives we are on a journey that wanders sometimes closer and at other times farther from God. This is why it is important for us to take stock of where we are and to whom we extend a hand — and make adjustments as needed.

Key Lyrics: Open up your eyes and start to dream / Sit down and think what it could be / Walk back and take the hand of man

Questions: What does a life that prioritizes my relationship with God look like? How do I speak to and treat others? How do I let others treat me? How do I treat all of God’s creation? If I close my eyes and dream, as the song suggests, what does the world I imagine look like? How is it like the kingdom of God? What one thing can I commit to throughout Lent to bring our world closer to this image?


Music and the Gospel: “Suddenly I See,” KT Tunstall; Dedication of St. John Lateran

Through prayer and reflection we are able to witness God at work in our lives. By taking time to be still and know God, we gain clarity on what stirs our heart. When we are suddenly able to see and feel our gifts and passions, we are able to share our lives zealously with the world.

Key Lines: “Suddenly I see (suddenly I see) / This is what I wanna be”

Questions: What did you see today that was beautiful? What made you feel excited and joyful today? What choices can you make tomorrow to enjoy the same excitement and beauty?


Reflection on SPIRIT ONLINE, November 24th


Reflection Questions for SPIRIT, November 24th:

1. How forgivable is Derek’s one beer? Do you react more like Anthony, Margaret, or Diane?

2. What do you think the consequences should be?

3. What example does Jesus give us in regard to forgiveness?

4. What do you find hard to forgive?

5. Where and how did Jesus reign today?