Weekly SPIRIT Prayer

Music and the Gospel: “To The Ground,” Death Cab for Cutie

We all make choices, some safe and some risky. As the main character in this week’s SPIRIT story sits in the ditch in a car full of friends, she wonders if God kept her safe because rubbed the cross on her visor before they started out. Her friends point out that God is always with us, no matter what choices we make and in every circumstance. The song “To The Ground” tells how one decision can change everything and how choices have consequences. We can trust in God to stay with us no matter the consequences but not to prevent them.

Key lines: The arms lost control / Slipped and began to roll / And on the wings of an ocean gale / He crashed right through the rail / Down to the valley below / To the valley below / ….Return to the ground / To the ground

Questions: What choices have you made without seeing the consequences? When have you been lucky enough to escape consequences you didn’t see coming? When have you felt God’s presence in a tough time? How has faith helped you make decisions or get through a difficult time?

Music and the Gospel: “My Song Too,” Hunter Hayes

People react to grief or to breaking up in different ways. Some people distance themselves and internalize their grief. Others may express their grief and adapt quickly to their loss. The loss of a loved one can shake up any family and environment. The song “My Song Too” is a reminder that even when those we love are gone, they live on within us. They have helped make us who we are.

Key lines: But it’s my song too / I know you’re gone but every word’s still true / It’s alright if it’s all that’s left / ‘Cause you, you left me better than you found me / It’s crazy I still sing it but I do / It’s my song too / Oh there’s love in every lyric / You live in every note / Don’t hate me if I never let go / It’s my song too

Questions: When have you experienced loss? How did you handle the experience? How did the people around you handle it? What and who helped keep you steady during this time?