Music and the Gospel: “Heart Like You,” Love & The Outcome; 2nd Sunday of Lent

Imagine you are alongside Peter, James, and John. When you enter into the Gospel reading for this Sunday, you are about to follow Jesus up the mountain. What does it mean to you to witness Jesus transfigured, brilliant, dazzling? In this time of Lent, we can sometimes be so consumed by somber, penitential reverence that we lose sight of the marvelous image of Jesus transfigured. Keep your eyes and heart open to bear witness to such transformation. After all, when you are going up the mountain with Christ, you will begin to see the kingdom of God differently — and pray that you remain open to the ways in which you are called to transform that kingdom.

Key Lyrics: Burn away the things I hold tight / Give me eyes to see / Your kingdom the way You want it to be

Questions: Where is the Divine being revealed to you in your daily life? Is it dazzling, or perhaps more subtle? This week, think of one or two actions you can do that will positively impact those around you. How are you participating in God’s kingdom? Spend some time in quiet prayer meditating on how Jesus is walking alongside you on this Lenten journey.