Music and the Gospel: “Unsteady,” X Ambassadors, 32nd Sunday Ordinary Time

People react to grief in different ways. Some people distance themselves and internalize their grief. Others may express their grief and adapt quickly to their loss. The loss of a loved one can shake up any family and environment. The song “Unsteady” is an expression of this shake up, what we feel when solid ground starts to shift underneath us, and the loneliness that can accompany grief and loss.

Key Lyrics: Hold, hold on, hold onto me / ‘Cause I’m a little unsteady / A little unsteady

Questions: When have you experienced loss? How did you handle the experience? How did the people around you handle it? What and who helped keep you steady during this time?

Music and the Gospel: “Renegades,” X Ambassadors

School is a time of figuring out who we are and who we want to be. It can be a challenging time. It can become a place where we learn what values we truly appreciate and who is ultimately important to us. Sometimes the choices and decisions we make don’t make us popular. Spirit focuses on what is means to stay true to oneself and to the people who matter.

Key Lyrics: All hail the underdogs / All hail the new kids / All hail the outlaws / Spielber’gs and Kubrick’s / …And I say hey, hey hey hey / Living like we’re renegades

Questions: What does it mean to be popular in your school? How does this definition of “popular” influence your decisions? Who has been a good friend to you? How is God a friend to you?