Music and the Gospel: “Hollow,” Tori Kelly; 2nd Sunday of Advent

In light of what’s happening in our world today (the multiple school shootings that seem to occur with alarming frequency, the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut), we’ve been hearing voices calling out for compassion, even forgiveness towards those who have hurt us, our loved ones, our neighbors. Tori Kelly acknowledges that some voids can only be filled with love and forgiveness, and it is in those moments we are sometimes closest to God.

Key Lines: I confess (yeah), my weakness / Til you pick up the parts that are broken / Pour out your perfection on me now / And hold me / Wrap me in love, fill up my cup / …Cause I’m hollow

Questions: What is a difficult thing for you to forgive? What are some actions you consider unforgivable? What are some examples of forgiveness that you see around? How have you been forgiven?

Music and the Gospel: “The Sun is Rising,” Britt Nicole; 1st Sunday of Advent

Sometimes in order to understand a situation or a person, we have to walk a mile in their shoes. In the case of the St. Paul high schoolers, they walk 26 miles every year to raise money for a local soup kitchen. Not only does this prove to be a physical journey but it also becomes a spiritual one. It changes their perspective as they walk through different neighborhoods and meet new people. They gain a little understanding of what it means to be homeless, how exhausting it can be. Their walk is worth the pain as they raise money to feed those who have no means. When we walk with those less fortunate, we are also walking with God.

Key Lyrics: Every high and every low you’re gonna go through / You don’t have to be afraid I am with you / In the moments you’re so weak you feel like stopping / Let the hope you have light the road you’re walking

Questions: Who like the Syrian refugees are on a journey in our world? How might you learn about them and help? What difficult journey have you taken that made all the sacrifice worth it? Who can you help this Advent that you see around you? How can you help them?